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War, general/other

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Albinati, E.. Coming back. Diary of a mission to Afghanistan
London, UNHCR, 2003, , Softcover, Zeer goed.
Catalogus: Military, weapons, regalia, War, general/other
€ 16.00
Appel, L.. De slag op de Zuiderzee
Zutphen, De Walburg Pers, 1973, , Softcover, Goed.
Catalogus: War, general/other
€ 6.50
Arendt, H.. Sobre a revoluçao
Lisbon, Moraes Editores, 1971, , Softcover, Reasonably well.
Catalogus: War, general/other
€ 32.75
Beal, M.D.. I will fight no more forever. Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce war
Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1998, 15th edition, Softcover, Very good.
Catalogus: Biographies: General, journals and correspondence, War, general/other
€ 14.00
Biserko, S.. Yugoslavia Collapse War Crimes
Belgrade, Centre for Anti-War Action, 1993, , Softcover, Very good.
Catalogus: War, general/other, History: (20th century)
€ 18.75
Bradford, E.. The great siege
London, The Reprint Society, 1962, , Hardcover, Very good.
Catalogus: War, general/other, History (renaissance)
€ 5.00
Bunyan, J.. De heilige oorlog
Leiden, J.J. Groen & Zoon, 1933, 1e druk, Softcover, Goed.
Catalogus: Religion: Christianity, War, general/other
€ 5.00
Clausewitz, C. von. Vom Kriege
Leipzig, H. Schaususs Rom.-Ges., 1935, , Hardcover, Very good.
Catalogus: Military, weapons, regalia, War, general/other
€ 25.00
Cooper, J.. Animals in war
London, Imperial War Museum, 1983, , Softcover, Good.
Catalogus: Biology: fauna, War, general/other
€ 11.00
Dinger Hattink, R.E.. Leiden's nood en verlossing in de Spaanse tijd
Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1947, , Softcover, Goed.
Catalogus: History (renaissance), War, general/other
€ 8.00
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