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General information
The search engine of Antiquarian Bookshop De Alkenaer provides you with a number of different, easy-to-use methods in finding the book you are looking for. By filling out the fields "Title" and "Author" you should be able to easily find a book on our site. The search engine uses an AND-function, meaning that the results need to conform to the values from both fields. You may however leave one of the fields empty, in which case the search engine will only search for the value in that field.

The search engine of Antiquarian Bookshop De Alkenaer allows the use of wildcards. Wildcards are characters with a special meaning which you can use in your query. Using this method you would be able to set a question mark in place of an unknown character, or an asterisk instead of multiple unknown characters. However, keep in mind that using these wildcards might result in more query results than without the use of wildcards.

Names of authors
When searching for an author's name, please keep in mind that you should first specify the author's surname, followed by a comma and then any remaining other parts the author's name.