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Literature: English
Alternative medicine Literature: French
Archaeology, paleontology Literature: General
Architecture Literature: German
Art books Magazines, periodicals, newspapers
Astronomy Management books
Biographical works, journals and correspondence Medicine
Biology general, environmental books Miscellaneous
Biology: Fauna. Beasts, birds, fish, bugs Music
Biology: Flora. Trees,flowers, lichen Navigation
Books on books, bibliophillia Pedagogy, books on children
Catalogues, museum books Philosophy
Children Photobooks
Children's books Poetry: General
Commemorative publications Religion: Christianity
Cultural books, anthropology Religion: Islam
Dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedia Religion: Judaism
Drama. Theater, opera, ballet Royalty and nobility
Economics and politics Schoolbooks and study materials
Erotic books, sexuology Sciences. Physics, chemistry, etc.
Gastronomy Sports
History: Antiquity/prehistoric Thesises | Proefschriften
History: Colonial Topography: Africa
History: General Topography: Asia
Human rights/Emancipation Topography: Europe
Instruction manuals Topography: The Netherlands
L.genre: detectives and thrillers Transportation. Cars, trains, etc.
Landscaping, water management, gardening War, World War I
Linguistics, language learning books War, World War II
Literature: Dutch War, general/other
Literature: Dutch translations